Private day trip to Krka Waterfalls from Split, Makarska and Omis

Explore the natural beauty of the Krka National Park on this full-day tour from Makarska, Omis, or Split. Krka National Park lies within Šibenik-Knin County, and covers a total area of 109 km² of the loveliest sections of the Krka River. Beside natural beauty, ethnographic (by visiting still operational water mills) and industrial heritage (fully preserved hydroelectrical plant - second oldest in the world!), would spice up whole experience.

How whole trip looks like:

After pick up and drive of approximately 1 hour from Split (1.5 hours from Omis, or 2 hours from Makarska), You will reach picturesque town of Skradin, where You will start Your journey into park. Boat ride is 30 minutes long, going through amazing Krka canyon. Upon arrival , You'll be impressed by the Skradinski buk waterfall, the longest waterfall on the Krka River, and one of the best known natural beauties of Croatia.

Skradinski buk area (just next to huge waterfall) had a section where swimming was allowed – and that was the only place in any national park in Croatia where You could enjoy pristine clear water in amazing surrounding, while being allowed to swim. Unfortunately, Krka National Park management announced this year that swimming in the park will be banned, citing the need to conserve resources and the richness of biodiversity within the park as the main reasons for the ban.

Next to it, there’s a basic trail circle that takes you past the main swimming area and takes about 60 minutes if you walk in normal pace. If you are more adventurous, there are lots of different trails throughout the park. The trails are wide and flat, You don't have to wear any special shoes.

Four hours You'll spend in the park, is enough to enjoy the park thouroughly . You will even have time to catch up with the past, visiting second oldest hydroelectric plant, built just two days after Tesla’s hydroelectric plant on Niagara Falls became operational.

Another, this time ethnographic gem, awaits short stroll away – Water Mill Upper House at Skradinski buk, which has a water mill, kitchen upstairs, the miller's flat and the stales. On the ground floor are six restored mills, i.e. milling wheels, which functioned as crushers. The grindstone functioned by grinding and cutting the material between two mill stones, one of which turned (each having a coarse surface with rough edges). Next to the water mill, the dike for collecting water and six supply canals to the milling wheels have been preserved. The extension of the mill, in the middle of a cave, is the column where homemade cloth and blankets were completed. A strong stream of water would hit the top of the beam and turn two strong wooden hammers, which would pound the cloth to soften it. The column also contains washing holes in which various cloth products were washed and softened.

We conclude this excursion in Šibenik to see the sights of the town, including the UNESCO-protected St. Jacob’s Cathedral. Short stop for drink and to get vibe of this charming town before we continue the drive where You’ll have great views of the coast and offshore islands before returning to Your accommodation.